FY18 BPL Budget Hearing

Once the JP Branch Library re-opens on May 20th, the crowds are expected to flock in. Before closing in August 2015, the JP Branch consistently was already in the top three in terms of use and that was before the fabulous renovation!  Based on recent openings (East Boston, Mattapan) we know that library use will skyrocket when the doors open to our new building.

In anticipation, the BPL included a  request for a new, third librarian position to be added to the permanent staff for JP in their budget.  However, the Budget Office did not include that request in their final Mayor's FY18 Budget.   Instead, they plan to send 'floaters' to augment the staff at JP.  This solution is simply not viable.  The renovated Branch has new spaces (teen area, maker space) that will require a permanent person to develop long-term programming for them.  Floating staff don't get the chance to build rapport with patrons - one of the things we cherish about our current JP Branch staff.  Also, our current staff will have their own responsibilities and should not have to shoulder even more.

Please help convince the City that a new permanent Librarian must be added to the JP Branch to make sure the beautiful new building is staffed correctly.  You can testify to this fact at the City Council Ways & Means Committee Budget Hearing for the BPL on Monday, May 22nd at 2pm.  If you cannot go down to City Hall, you can email our City Councilor, Matt O'Malley and the four At-Large City Councilors to request their help to put the new librarian into the budget. Ultimately, the City Council is in charge of the City's Budget. Contact info for them is on Boston.gov

While we appreciate the $10 million renovation and all the exciting new options at the JP Branch, there needs to be an ongoing commitment from the City from the operating budget to appropriately staff the library.  We appreciate your help to encourage them to make that commitment in the FY18 Budget!